Early start for a ride up Mt. Ventoux, 1911 m.

An early start from Marseille for breakfast croissants from a flower-fronted Boulangerie in Malaucene at the foot of Mt. Ventoux, the limestone mountain that towers over Provence. Many years ago, Mt. Ventoux was a motorsport circuit, as the Nurburgring is still today, but Mt. Ventoux is now iconic for cyclists.

Sporty types and middle-aged men in Lycra with some touching Father and Son partnerships too. Trophy photos at the summit post with the supporters. The summit is also crowned by a number of aerial installations, the tallest has red and white bands like a lighthouse; in its time, its radio signal could be picked up across the Mediterranean in Algeria! The Alps, including Mt. Blanc and the Ecrins, are visible in the other direction.
Another Lycra fest with cyclists swarming also at the promenade in Sault, a favourite terrace with a panoramic view of the peak and the lavender fields on the lower slopes of the mountain.