Les rafles, Marseille 1943
“View from the transporter bridge towards the Quartier Saint-Jean, the Nazis plan the destructions”

Les rafles, Marseille 1943
Mairie (Town Hall), the only building standing after the destruction

Exhibition at the Vieux Port, Marseille in front of the restored Mairie (town hall), the only building remaining following the forced clearing and dynamiting of Marseille Old Quarters by the occupying German Nazis in the spring of 1943. This exhibition seeks to include more fully this sombre episode in the long history of Marseille; it gains peculiar power because the archive images are presented right where the atrocity took place. The 14 hectares of the city dynamited in 1943 have been rebuilt; but many, if not most, of the people who were taken away never returned. Also, there are no old trees in this area.

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Group chilling out on the beach in front of Eastbourne’s Victorian pier

Group chilling out on the beach in front of Eastbourne’s Victorian pier. Sunny but air temperature +4°C. A photo that says “cold”.

Hammersmith, West London at night

Hammersmith, West London at night

This set is about home, familiarity and security or menace. These are photographs of the light and life of the street at night around my neighbourhood in West London. The night light shows the familiar world literally in a different light, highlighting moods and atmospheres that day light makes commonplace. But also a lone bright window and the menace of the darkness.

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Snow in Cumbria
Ennerdale at sunset

Snow in Cumbria
7 AM: snow falling

The north wind doth blow,
And we shall have snow,
And what will the robin do then, poor thing?
He’ll sit on a twig,
And we’ll feed him some bread,
And he’ll sing to say ‘Thank you, my friends’,
Poor thing!

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Waves on the beach, Seaford, Sussex

People and waves on the stony beach at Seaford, Sussex. A picture metaphor for these battered times.