Late night under the banana tree

Memories of the tropics with a run of hot evenings to eat outdoors under Terry’s banana tree in Preston Park, Brighton.

Last of the summer’s wine,
the candles are burning low.
Maybe we’ve solved the world’s problems
or simply agreed we’re all doomed.

Postcard from London, September 2023


Why not be a tourist in my own town instead of travelling for hours to somewhere that anyhow is lower on the tourist must-see lists? A bit of searching online produced a variety of lists of top ten sights of London. Here are mine as I visited my own capital city this fine first Monday in September.
This day out was a reminder that London has so many fantastic views. It does need a bit of planning plus knowledge of the tube and bus map to optimise the route and take best advantage of the direction of the sunlight. You still have to walk the miles though.
Quite a large set but there’s a lot to see and the light was fantastic. Just a couple of selfies, one old-style with the timer and another at arm’s length.

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Big cat in the trees in Preston Park, Brighton

Big cat in the trees in Preston Park, Brighton exercising its tiger fantasies by trying to stalk the birds.
Never a credible threat to the birdlife but gets the sparrow gangs cheeping from other trees, safely out of range. The fat cat gave up and landed (heavily) on the ground, primal instincts satisfied and returning to being a consumer of organic salmon as a treasured household pet.

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Red soil, green fields with rolling hills: it has to be Devon, glorious Devon.
“Red and green should never be seen” doesn’t apply in Devon, thinking of  the design rule.
Views of the Blackdown Hills, Brendon Hills, Quantock Hills and the Vale of Taunton on a family walk out from Hockworthy on the Devon/Somerset border. Also the green roads, woodland, farms and quarries. 

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Rediffusion pavement cover

Not quite walking on a grave, but I was amazed to see on a pavement the once-famous name of the television company that gave us Ready Steady Go and many other pioneering ITV shows. Rediffusion also made their name as providers of television set rental and the first generation of cable television connections, which was the reason for this manhole cover in Brighton.

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