Sunset at Marseille-Provence airport

Colourful sunset as the plane before us takes off on its way to Istanbul. We were next on runway 31R at Marseille-Provence airport, headed for London-Heathrow.

Marseille Cours Julien, 6ième arrondissment

Marseille Cours Julien, 6ième arrondissment. Travel isn’t always straightforward but once I’ve arrived, it’s always a rush of pleasure to come back to the South.

Ice on the River South Tyne at Ridley Bridge

Ice on the River South Tyne at Ridley Bridge between Hexham and Haltwhistle, one of the visual highlights of my journey from Heathrow to Keswick. Rail travel being problematic at the moment, I chose a dawn flight to Newcastle and then hired a car to cross the country to Cumbria, ears ringing with Lindisfarne’s song “Fog in the Tyne” (1971). Keswick seemed as lovely as ever, even after a particularly cold night (-9°C) with hoar frost and ice on the rivers.

Dawn over East Anglia
Dawn over East Anglia

More photos: Ice on the Tyne

Dawn at London Heathrow airport

Out of the grim reality of getting to Heathrow before dawn comes the beauty of the sunrise as we climb the steps on to the A320 aircraft.

Tartelettes aux fraises

Luscious tartelettes from our local pâtissier in Marseille. I’m assured that this is everyday business but they tasted pretty special to us. Chocolate wings, Crème Chantilly with a hint of Marc du Garlaban, and of course fraises (sweet strawberries from Carpentras in Provence) on a bed of almond paste in a fresh case of Pâte brisée. It all makes a pretty special treat and a summation of our travels this time.
Enjoyed with a taste of Génépi des Alpes and a Gianduiotto from Piemonte.

A culinary journey in one dessert, now back in Marseille.