shows GLME bike camp 2012, rides and disco at Chorges in the Alpes of Haut-Provence

214 bikers at the invitation of AMA to their GLME Summer camp in Chorges in the Alpes of Haut-Provence. Groups of bikers from Spain, Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK for a week riding around the Alps. Organised rides for various levels of ability, group meals and entertainments every evening. Great organisation though maybe some of the runs were a bit long for some of the less-experienced bikers. On the other hand, a shame to come so far and not make the most of the area.

Interesting to see the mix of bikes has very much switched to the "adventure" style from the sports tourer or super-sport which were the most popular the last GLME camp that I participated.

(Faces blurred deliberately)