Burnt out VW camper

Audi R8 and a Mercedes SL500

Photographic survey of the blue performance cars that I see on my lockdown walks around my neighbourhood, from a V8 and a V10 Audi R8, a classic MG to a sadly burnt out VW camper. Along the way, Porsche, Harbeth, Audi, and Mazda performance cars in variously subtle shades of blue.

Audi R8 - V12

Blue Harbeth 695

Audi sports coupé

Porsche sports car

Mazda sports car

MG sports car

Green Jeep

 James Hunt blue plaque, London W14

There’s a striking display of cars parked on the streets here that I’m seeing on my daily lockdown walks. Maybe unsurprising because this area between Barons Court and West Kensington Underground stations has such easy access to the M4 west out of London, although whenever I try and use the M4 there is so much traffic that all the cars go at much the same speed, plus there’s the harassment from the pervasive speed control technology. Yes, and James Hunt, the Formula One world champion driver, had a house in my immediate neighbourhood, well two adjoining mews houses actually. Now the blue plaque’s on the wall I know what the party noise was all about: drive hard - party hard.
The award for the highest density of petrol cylinders on the block must go to the two V8 cars parked right outside my house by my street’s car collector: an Audi R8 and a Mercedes SL500, both blue. 16 cylinders on just eight wheels! The biggest beast in the neighbourhood is the V10 version of the Audi R8 but in black. The little blue Harbeth 595 with the scruffy wheels parked next to it can be just as nippy though.
Unfortunately the blue Mustang that I hired last year had to go back.
Shame about the blue VW Camper, L reg but that’s the end of its travels I think. Sad to end like this with a Police Aware sticker on the remains of the windscreen. Our family had one like that but in green, my parents drove us kids in it to Naples and back. Unforgettable two cylinder engine noise.
The red MG is beautiful in the old style and a reminder of when cars were allowed a tasteful choice of colours, whilst the green Jeep is just so brash - note the rope on the winch on the front has never seen any mud.
A change from photographing the wildlife or architecture on my lockdown exercise walks and an opportunity to practice the basic photographic views of cars.