Seaford beach barbecue

Beach fishing and the Nehaven car ferry

The last lazy days of August in Sussex.

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Steert art in Oxford Place, Brighton

Order and disorder in one street in Brighton. The parallel worlds continue to the edge of the shot. Contrasting the geometrical regularity of the architecture with the fluidic anarchy of the street art. This is Oxford Place, Brighton.

Pink lilies in Gyllyngdune Gardens, Falmouth

Flower border in Gyllyngdune Gardens, Falmouth

Fine beds of flowers in Falmouth’s municipal parks.

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The spire of St Mary's Clapham amongst the tops of the circus tents

Sacred and Profane: the contrasting spires of Clapham - the spire of the Catholic church of St Mary's is seen amongst the tops of the circus tents, for the time being.

Provence flowers at Marignane

Provence flowers at Marignane

Flowers that look typically Provence, passed and maybe seen by millions... in the renowned botanical garden at... Marseille-Provence airport!

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