Myrafällen im Niederösterreich

Myrafällen im Niederösterreich

The Myrafälle in Niederösterreich.I don’t usually do long exposure on waterfalls but it works for me here with these cascades in the dappled light.

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West Cornwall, July 2019

West Cornwall, July 2019

Glimpses sampling the visual variety of West Cornwall last week.

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Brighton's i360 at dawn

Brighton’s i360 parked in its upper viewing position for the first dawn of July 2019. Brighton seagulls of course have an even better view.

Dawn over St Ives Bay, Cornwall

Sunset over the Atlantic at St Ives, Cornwall

Amazing colours and shapes from the rising and setting sun viewed from St Ives, Cornwall.

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Seaford Motorfest 2019

Motorfest 2019, Seaford’s car and motorbike show

Trail Riders Fellowship at Seaford Motorfest 2019

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