Tree Bumblebee in Hammersmith, West London

Social Wasp in Hammersmith, West London

A Tree Bumblebee and a Social Wasp grazing on pollen from flowers on apple trees in my garden in Hammersmith, West London. Fruit trees rely on the good work of pollinating insects. My Mason Bees are not yet active, presumed still hibernating.

Lichens near Arlington, Sussex

Lichens near Arlington, Sussex

Lichens on trees in the clear air near Arlington Reservoir in Sussex.

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Brighton dawn

Victorian houses terraced on the side of the denes of Brighton, glowing in the dawn light of late winter; reminding me of paintings by Canaletto or the frontages of the Grand Canal in Venice at sunset.

Mother’s cat, “Ginzo”

An intense stare from our Mother’s cat, Ginzo, now a pensioner at my Brother’s farm in Devon.

Architecture at Funchal Lido, Madeira

Architecture at Funchal Lido, Madeira

Appealing or appalling? Concrete palaces at the Lido, Funchal, Madeira.

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