Palliser Court, Barons Court, London W14

Palliser Court

Vereker Road, Barons Court, London W14

Vereker Road, lined with hundred-year-old London Plane trees

Photo survey of the fascinating and varied neighbourhood I’ve called home for many years. This is not Earls Court, nor Kensington and not Hammersmith: nobody knows where Barons Court is in West London yet thousands drive through on the A4 Talgarth Road trunk route out to the West. I’ve lived here since 1982. Barons Court features a wide variety of architecture and people in homes ranging from bedsits squeezed between the trunk road and the railway to multi-million pound mansion flats and houses with private gardens. There’s a small theatre, several parades of shops, a courthouse, schools and a choice of pubs.

Star Road, London

Star Road, Empress State Building in distance

Cheesemans Terrace, London W14

Sunken football area, Cheesemans Terrace; presumed the remnants of one of the brick pits that the surrounding houses are built from.

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Treetops after the storms 1

Treetops after the storms 2

Looking upwards: there are still leaves on the trees but not many remain. A set of images that are hopefully inspirational.

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Autumn in Richmond

Autumn in Richmond

Autumn as a metaphor for our predicament with Covid-19: a set of images of strength, regeneration and renewal among the decay of autumn. From a walk around the Old Deer Park in Richmond then the Thames Tow Path downstream to Kew Bridge.

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Stainess steel photography project

Stainess steel photography project

A stainless steel artefact is both a product of our metalwork factories and a reflection of our use of it
YALoPP - Yet another lockdown photo project: my photo study of the textures, surfaces and shapes of stainless steel things

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Two roses together

Two roses from Terry’s garden in Preston Park, Brighton in a glass vase. We cut the flowers as the rain started, to save them from being trashed by the latest storms. The scent they’ve brought indoors is adorable.