Southbank Skatepark under London's Southbank Centre

Skateboarders, riders and freerunners make disciplined mayhem together in the graffiti galleries of the concrete undercroft of the Southbank Centre. Renowned as “London’s premier skatepark”, it’s the antidote to the highbrow culture of the South Bank Centre just above.

Crawley New Town, Sussex

Crawley Town Hall

Crawley Town Hall (opened 1964) has twice been refused a listing.

Photos from a walk around Crawley in Sussex.

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BBQs or fires are not permitted on Clapham Common

Sea Fishing at Seaford, Sussex

Sea Fishing on the shingle in the sunshine at Seaford, Sussex.

Surfer at Pointe Rouge, Marseille

Surfers at Pointe Rouge, Marseille

Surf and surfers on the Mediterranean at one of the beaches of Marseille.

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