Z750 at the Severn Bridge, summer 1978

Barnstaple summer 1978

Biking in 1978: new scans of my photos of my first big bike, a Kawasaki Z750 Big Twin in maroon

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Green River and Square Top Mountain, Wyoming

Moose grazing in the Green River, Wyoming

Backpacking to the summit of Square Top Mountain, Wyoming, 3564 m. (11,695 ft.) - wading the Green River. July 1991.

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Phil and Z650 at the Silverstone British Grand Prix

Triton at the 1979 Silverstone British Grand Prix

Phil from Henley-on-Thames on his Z650 Kawasaki in-line four next to my burgundy Z750 twin at Silverstone in July 1979; Phil was my main riding mate for that summer, where are you now? The Silverstone Grand Prix was a day out for us bikers more than a strong interest in the racing or the cars.

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