Wish Me Luck, LWT. French location shoot 1988

Wish Me Luck, LWT. French location shoot 1988

Photos from the location shoot for the London Weekend Television drama “Wish Me Luck” in September and October 1988.

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Grand Canyon of the Verdon, August 1998

On the road to GLME Summercamp 98 in Provence

GLME Summercamp 98 in Provence

Last week in August, 1998: riding my new CBR600F to Provence for the GLME Summercamp 98 in Provence, organised by the French club AMA.

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Z750 at the Severn Bridge, summer 1978

Barnstaple summer 1978

Biking in 1978: new scans of my photos of my first big bike, a Kawasaki Z750 Big Twin in maroon

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Green River and Square Top Mountain, Wyoming

Moose grazing in the Green River, Wyoming

Backpacking to the summit of Square Top Mountain, Wyoming, 3564 m. (11,695 ft.) - wading the Green River. July 1991.

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Phil and Z650 at the Silverstone British Grand Prix

Triton at the 1979 Silverstone British Grand Prix

Phil from Henley-on-Thames on his Z650 Kawasaki in-line four next to my burgundy Z750 twin at Silverstone in July 1979; Phil was my main riding mate for that summer, where are you now? The Silverstone Grand Prix was a day out for us bikers more than a strong interest in the racing or the cars.

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