Selfie at Television Centre in West London

Selfie at the famous spot at Television Centre in West London; this was after meeting for lunch with friends who are still working round there. Note the absence of East Tower. Weird to walk in straight off the street, no ID pass check or turnstile - the Commissionaires had long gone by the time I achieved a BBC staff pass.
The "Goons" patrolling wear different colours now that TVC is no longer owned by the BBC and no longer the hub of British television.The BBC sold the site but television is still made there; however only three studios have been refitted as well as some office space; most of the rest of the building is now residential, ie flats/apartments.
Far more of the site is now open to the public in a way it never was under the BBC; although  it is subject to the same rules for photographers as a shopping centre, so just a snatched selfie this time.

Japanese Garden in Hammersmith Park

The Japanese Garden in Hammersmith Park behind Television Centre has grown a bit since its last major refurbishment in 2010; the ducks seem to have gone and there’s no longer the roar of chillers extracting hot air from the studios. The East Tower has gone completely and the outside of the doughnut now hangs over from several layers higher.
Compare with a similar view from January 2013  Japanese Garden - Jan 2013