BalletBoyz at Sadlers Wells Theatre

The medium of abstract dance communicates emotions and ideas but without words, along with the grace and power of the human body working to its maximum. There’s a parallel with idea-based art: as a non-verbal language, dance has the capacity to communicate with us directly at a lower level than our verbal skills. It sometimes takes time for the full realisation to sink in, and the language of dance is the more powerful and direct because of this.

The final piece “Us” (described in the programme as a tender duet) achieved the greatest intensity of the evening as just two dancers performed an extended version; it’s amazing when an audience is so totally focussed on a performance. On a clear stage and in simple costumes (not much more than practice trackies) and bare-chested, moving with great poise and precision, the attention was focussed on the movements of the dancers which communicated the storyline with the directness and intensity for which contemporary dance is renowned. This was a triumph to end an engaging evening.

The BalletBoyz at Sadlers Wells Theatre

Charlotte Harding (Them/Us)
Christopher Wheeldon (Us)