ON YOUR FEET! encore - Miami Sound Machine's hit “Conga”

Glorious evening of Miami Sound Machine’s crossover Cuban beats that enthralled us in the Eighties. Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine had to fight racial discrimination back then to get heard, but they were and had a successful world tour as a result. That was the era of classic music divas and the emergence from the ghettos of High Energy, Chicago House, Hip hop and many others. So many forgotten songs and beats.

It’s a good show, a revival with a new cast of the bio-musical production which ran at Broadway’s Marquis Theatre for nearly two years. So great to hear the live band recreate the Miami sound: fast and fluid but super-tight, the dance company doing the moves with gusto and flourish. Sure they do this every night but they’re performing as individual characters and enjoying working within the scompany.
Christie Prades as Gloria Estefan sings convincingly well, she seems taller on stage than I remember the actual Gloria Estefan from seeing her perform live, but the moves, the voice and the hair worked for me. She has an on-stage double, which works very well, allowing reveals and quick changes.
The costumes are a convincing cross between historical accuracy an modern taste, giving a flavour of the period without being slavishly accurate.
Great night out, my companion found he knew many more of the songs even though he didn’t think beforehand he did, this music is in our heritage.
My photo is from the scripted encore when all, yes all, the audience were on their feet and dancing to MSM’s hit “Conga”... the beat was that irresistible.

Alexander Dinelaris - Book
Jerry Mitchell - Director
Sergio Trujillo - Choreographer

Christie Prades - Gloria Estefan
George Ioannides - Emilio Estefan
Madalena Alberto - Gloria Fajardo
Karen Mann - Consuelo