Two contrasting postcards from the first weekend in summer at Villard de Lans in the Vercors region of France.

Postcard of my photos of our hike to Col Vert in the Vercors, France

We hiked to the hike to the Col Vert (1760m) on a blustery day. Starting off from Villard de Lans (1050m), our choice of paths took us up through forests of a variety of pine trees. Above the tree line the heat of the midday sun and the violent winds made themselves known but the skies stayed clear.

The Col Vert is a craggy limestone window with a precipitous view through to the valley of the river Gresse 1000m below, which meets with the river Isère at Grenoble.

A fine but windy sunset and then the weather all changed for the first day of summer, see below:-

Postcard of the Gorges de la Bourne, Vercors, France