Riding my RR on the Col de Rousset

Riding my RR above 1000 m. altitude on the clock change weekend, before the end of March...
Facing south, the many hairpins and steep curves of the Col du Rousset make it a favourite "interesting" route diversion from the "Route Napoléon", which is maybe the more obvious biker route between Lyon, Grenoble and the Cote d'Azur for Nice and Italy.
The Col de Rousset is at the south of the Vercors so the view at the summit is north towards the world of deep valleys and snow. Through a tunnel at the summit, the views change to pine trees and the skyline of Provence and the promise  of the Mediterranean, including warm sunshine much appreciated by bikers going south.
The route onwards to Provence is over the Col de Cabre, 1180 m., which I had run over the previous day, well wrapped up with my bike fully-loaded for a weekend.

Sunday morning after the clock change, the air was still a bit fresh but the road was dry. Very little other traffic except for a club of classic sports cars. Not a bad place for a morning building up my road skills, then riding back down to Die for an apéro and lunch with my friends there.