First day at UCL

Update: I withdrew from UCL at the end of the second week. I'm very disappointed but the course hasn't worked for me in many ways.

Freshly printed undergraduate pass in hand, my fresher selfie in the quad at University College London. This shot had to be a real selfie, ie taken myself with the camera held out at arm’s length. Note the brand new UCL hoodie too.

Thus the next adventure starts: I’m enrolled as a fresher for the Geology course, welcome lecture was this morning. First impressions are good: I like the openness and inclusiveness of the place, there seem to be a lot of interesting people around, and they are friendly. The tube journey worked well and I got a seat so my commute was much better than I had feared. UCLU gym very busy at lunchtime, perhaps I need to think about training at another time of day.
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