Stained glass panels on Worthing pier

Sea front houses at Worthing

“Visit Sunny Worthing” shout the posters, and it was good to feel sun on our faces today; the slogan could equally read “Come to Colourful Worthing” as the Sussex seaside town seems to have a thing about colours.

Multi storey car park on Worthing sea front

Beach huts at Worthing

From the coloured glass panels on the pier to the brutal secondary colours on the concrete car park, there are colour strips everywhere. Several of the runs of Victorian houses look like a paint colour selection chart. Maybe Worthing is trying to shake off the puritanical image of a genteel seaside town; but that never stuck here anyhow: Worthing is calmer than raucous Brighton just across the bay, but the dance hall at the end of the pier definitely had a racy image in the roaring twenties and dirty thirties.