Preston Park flats from the train

Livening up a routine train ride from London to Brighton via Gatwick with some experimentation with SlitScan camera techniques. This is similar in principle to an office flat bed scanner except that my camera is looking out of the window as the train moves.

Sussex Weald from the train

Gatwick Airport from the train

Slit scan imageof a brightly coloured room

This is the same data as an eye sees or a video camera records but presented differently, it’s not “right” or “wrong”, but different to our conventional expectations. The resulting images give, to me, a representation of the views I see from the window of a moving train; in the same situations a conventional stills camera would render, for example, either trees or only a small view of the scene beyond.
You might recognise the view from the train of 1. Gatwick Airport  2. Sussex Weald and  3. Preston Park
My last image in this set is from one turn on a swivel chair in a brightly coloured room, the effect is somewhat “cubist,” all the right colours but the structure is scrambled.

Compare with a comventional image from a train window Winter snapshots