Winter hike on the cliffs of Cap Morgiou (221 m.) above the Mediterranean.

Cap Morgiou (221 m.): view of the massive limestone cliffs flanking Mt. Puget (564 m.) down to the Mediterranean in the Calanques National Park between Marseille, Cassis and Cap Cannaille (394 m.), just visible far away in the mist.
A brisk hike up from Les Baumettes prison, the terminus of the convenient bus route. Once on the cliff route, misty despite a breeze but big views over the Calanques of Sormiou and then Morgiou. A rare treat to see the snows on the peak of Mt. Ventoux (1912 m.) far away to the North whilst hearing the waves of the Mediterranean crash on the base of the cliffs 200 m. below the cliff path. What a view for lunch on my first hike of 2016!
The prominent peak top centre of my photo is La Grande Candelle (454 m.) which I hiked up to in 2014: see Massif de Mt. Puget, Sept 2014