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Marin Palisades Trail Lite at Marseille Beach

Hot, humid air from the Sahara, arriving in Marseille across the Mediterranean with nearly 100% humidity so dripping rain laden with red sand, making Marseille feel tropical and fetid. Even out at the beach park at Borély, where the air is usually relatively clean and clear. Wet t-shirt ride, but not cold: 28°C,

Latrigg circuit - Lake District National Park
Keswick and Derwent Water from Latrigg

Latrigg circuit - Lake District National Park
Latrigg summit (368 m.)

Keswick - Applethwaite - Underscar - Latrigg summit (368 m.) - Brundholme - Keswick

Latrigg is only a small bump in the Lake District but the view from its rounded top is superb. Back via Brundholme Woods, so a pleasant local circuit.

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Lake District National Park

Brundholme Wood, Lake District National Park

Making friends with my new Rockhopper Expert 29 mountain bike. I’ve now used all the gears (12-speed) and washed the first mud from it. It’s good, it’ll get me to places I wouldn’t otherwise get to.. Just the old road out from Keswick to Wescoe and Threlkeld that goes on to Scales and Mungrisdale. I rode alongside a red squirrel jumping from tree to tree in Brundholme Wood. Lots of gates and it’s not flat. My main ride was just under 20 miles so nothing epic but it’s the new bike’s first “official” ride.
Biggest problem was taking only one breakfast bar as a trail snack so I indulged in a guilty pleasure (see photo) on my return route along the rather more level railway path through the gorge of the River Greta.

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Grizedale Forest, Cumbria

Grizedale Forest, Cumbria

Enjoying some rides at Grizedale on a Rockhopper Elite, just the simple bike: front suspension, hardtail with big fat tyres. Much more stable on a muddy track than my classic Marin due to the Rockhopper’s bigger wheels and still quite a bit lighter than the Marin. The Elite is 10-speed on one gear cassette whereas my Marin Palisades Trail Lite has the original 3x5 chain wheel and dérailleur, more fiddly but useful in riding a variety of terrains, town and country.

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Parc national des Calanques

Parc national des Calanques

A challenging ride but magnificent views of the Marseilleveyre rocks, the Mediterranean and the Bay of Marseille, all in gorgeous January sunshine. This route is not long but was more arduous than I expected especially because of the loose and sharp calcaire rocks which form the path. Blue flowers of rosemary and thyme and a yellow, possibly a Mediterranean variety of broom, a particular favourite with the bees. The route is named in honour of Antoine Pellicé, a President of the Marseille hiking club.

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