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Planting bulbs in my garden in Keswick

Planting bulbs in my garden in Keswick

A brief break in the heavy rain of this “January Cyclonic Westerly” weather gave me the opportunity to plant a mixed pack of 101 bulbs in my garden in Keswick. Very much the on-yer-knees style of gardening. The specialist bulb trowel is essential to insert the bulbs at the recommended depth of 10-15 cm, both for proper development and to avoid the predations of the Lake District fauna. The tulips (top photo) will be Tulipa von Eijk, red.

Thames Path at Hammersmith Bridge

Thames Path at Hammersmith Bridge

Sports walk along the Thames Path upstream from Hammersmith Bridge to buy fresh bread from the bakery in Barnes, both pleasures I discovered during the lockdowns. Disappointingly, the heavy rain didn’t turn up as forecast, so not as “interesting” as it could have been: as a cross-county runner I enjoyed the feel of rain falling my shoulders whilst running. The bread’s good though.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and active 2023

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and active 2023

Christmas greetings 2022

Wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Active 2023 to all my Friends and Followers

Christmas-tide once more, it seems to have come round very quickly this year. I am happy to have been out and about for much of 2022, trying to share on here what I am lucky enough to see. Below are links to some highlights from a full year-planner.
If you have been reading and liking my photography and this blog in 2022, thank you.

Ex-LWT Xmas drinks

Rose and Crown in Colombo Street, SE1
Rose and Crown, Colombo Street, SE1. Est. 1787, rebuilt 1887.

Christmas drinks with ex- close colleagues, all of us television production engineers. Our jobs were to set up and keep the electronics working in the years before the equipment became reliable. We spent many hours at London Weekend Television working in close proximity behind the scenes on outside broadcasts, radio links and in studios. Together we made television happen..
We’ve been frequenting this Rose and Crown for 45 years or more, even as the skyscrapers grew up around it. These people saw me grow up too, living and loving in and around London in the late Seventies and Eighties; coming in to work on a succession of motorbikes and with a variety of hairstyles, shoulder length to crew-cut. But by now it’s all been said and done, so it’s a pleasure to chat and catch up in the little old pub.

More photos: Ex-LWT engineers Xmas drinks 2022

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