South Down National Park, Sussex

South Down National Park, Sussex

South Downs ridge walk between Ditchling Beacon (248m.) and the Jack and Jill windmills at Clayton. The views are big and wide so I’ve printed to very low colour, nearly black and white, to show particularly the patterns which make this linear landscape special.

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Galleny Force - Stonethwaite Beck - Cumbria
Galleny Force - Stonethwaite Beck

Langstrath Beck - Cumbria
Langstrath Beck

A study of the power and drama of the falls of the Langstrath Beck where it meets the Stonethwaite Beck, at the top end of Borrowdale.

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City bikes at Wood Lane, London W12

City bikes and scooters ready to hire in Wood Lane, London W12. You hire a bike by the minute using an app, some are e-bikes. The contrast of the colourful bikes and the high rise architecture is striking and typically contemporary London. This location is between Television Centre, Westfield and Shepherds Bush District Line station, which passes over Wood Lane in the bridge in my picture.

another plane below us from 38,000 feet

This photo produced an emotional response when I downloaded it from the camera. I think this is because seeing another plane below us from 38,000 feet is a reassurance in the deeply unnatural experience of flying in a passenger airplane. Most of us suppress our fear of flying but an image like this cuts through conscious logic. I happened to have my DSLR out during the flight so was able to snap the view out of the aircraft window

Blackberry fingers

Nothing says “End of summer” more clearly than fingers stained from picking blackberries from the hedgerows in Sussex on August Bank Holiday Saturday. We picked just enough for bramble jam for our own use and left plenty for the birds.