Kaisersthul Müller-Thurgau 2007

We rather liked this fine wine from Endinger. It's a complex white neither particularly fruity nor particularly dry. Not the classic Kaisersthul Auslese but a medium dry. At 11%, it's relatively strong in alcohol and felt slightly greasy, we were drinking it slightly old at five years so it was mature but not acidic. It was a fine accompaniment to red salmon cooked by my chef friend.

Tokaji - Princes Piroska from Aszu, 2000

A gift for a birthday I spent in Hungary some while ago with a group of Roman gladiators, this is a classic Tokaji with its characteristic resin taste that was immediately reminiscent of drinking around an open fire outside on the last night of the gladiator training camp. One of those characteristic of tastes like wine that they can be trigger memories so specifically. Unlikely any of those fighters will be read this but if you are, thank you.