2004 Saint Julien with roast pheasnt

Enjoying roast pheasant with this Grand vin de Bordeaux (Saint Julien AOC, Médoc). Here are my tasting notes.


2004 Saint Julien - Grand vin de Bordeaux

First taste of this sixteen year-old claret is a fresh raspberry or even cherry taste; it’s light and fruity despite its age. Sixteen years is enough for this wine although many others from the villages in the Médoc mature even later, particularly the wines from the famous neighbours in the village of Margaux. No hint of tawny browning. It’s fresh and light, almost like a high-end Burgundy. There’s a fine, light sediment, the label warns of sulphites. Once opened, it’s stable, the fresh taste persists though the bottle for the duration of our meal: Terry barded this pheasant with Prosciutto ham, which he then roasted in a roasting tin with a lid. This Saint Julien is not a Margaux but it’s a very rewarding claret nonetheless.