Postcard from Delft, Holland

My postcard of vehicles and views from Delft, Holland. University town criss-crossed with canals, with a large market square facing the main church. It's a city where no building seems to be straight or square when you really look at it.

As well as Delft Blue pottery, student life and tourism, there seemed to be a large number of French-style cafes and restaurants. Also plenty of architects' businesses and a variety of art studios.

This was our relaxing Sunday outing after yesterday’s cultural overload day at the Den Haag art museum and Amsterdam concert hall (Gemeentemuseum Den Haag and Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam).

I travelled by fast train rather than flying as the high speed line is now open to Amsterdam. This was a much more pleasant travel experience overall than Heathrow and Schipol and I had a sound night’s sleep on arrival on Friday, The trains are more expensive than a cheap air fare and unfortunately the Thalys train still crawled through Belgium so next time I will consider just the express train from Den Haag to Brussels.

Note that Amsterdam is in North Holland whereas Rotterdam, Den Haag and Delft are in South Holland, both provinces of the kingdom of The Netherlands under the rule of the Dutch monarch, Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands.