Views of the river Thames between Hammersmith Bridge and Putney Bridge, London

I've taken delivery of a new camera so I took it for a walk along the river Thames tow path on the first day in London with clear skies this year. Here are rowers, runners and dog walkers between Hammersmith Bridge and Putney Bridge and in Bishops Park, Fulham,

The camera - it's a compact not an SLR - fits in my fleece pocket so is a great deal less obvious. I'll get a belt pouch eventually. So much easier to take everywhere on the off chance there'll be something worth taking a picture of. 

It's not an SLR so takes longer to get going and it can't do anything whilst it's saving an image so is a bit frustrating. The rate of taking images that are out of focus is not as good as the SLRs (I've a couple of really out of focus pictures that aren't retrievable). Nor is the exposure control too good but the shooting RAW files means I can sort that out afterwards. It needed an update to Photoshop CS5 to work with its NRW files; that old game. Bye bye CS3 maybe.

The images don't seem to down res as well as images from my SLRs.

Nonetheless, I think it probably survives and doesn't get sent back. Another toy in the toy box.