Tyrannosaurus Rex picnic

 I’ve always thought Richmond Park would look better with a herd of triceratops grazing the grass rather than just deer and some Brontosauruses in the ponds but maybe carnivorous theropod dinosaurs would be going too far for a park which is open to the public. Now the National Trust are trying this out in nearby Osterley Park, far from being the Trust’s latest strategy for crowd control, it will be an almost certain crowd-puller once the Jurassic Live exhibits have been fully installed in the park around Osterley House. Having seen the skeleton and some of the videos of animations, the surprise was just how really massive that jaw and teeth are, as well as how the animal is at least half the height of a good-sized tree. But is it responsible parenting to settle for a family picnic within tail bashing range of a formidable carnivore like Tyrannosaurus Rex?