Mardi Noir in Marseille. Les manifs ça marche plus: SABOTAGE - Demos don't work any more: SABOTAGE

France is having a day of strikes, «Mardi Noir» (Black Tuesday), the actions protesting against a number of separate grievances, including changes to employment law and education standards.
Place Castellane is a busy roundabout, a large group of taxis converged on the monument at a snail's place, a movement known as an «Operation Escargot». They don't like apps like Uber.
Schools shut. Government offices, social security etc just the Welcome desk manned, no-one actually talking to clients. Not much public transport running. 3/4G internet flaky and working half speed. Maybe because of the traffic jams or maybe surveillance. At least 20% of today's flights show as cancelled in advance but direct experience shows the reality is more than that.
Graffiti in several places with the slogan which translates as "Demos don't work any more: SABOTAGE". Nearby, a fire at an employment office. No evidence of any connection but either way, it's not good for democracy.
Is anything going to change? I wonder. Meanwhile businesses and individuals suffer.
Apparently also in Paris as in Marseille. Welcome to France!