Queueing for Hot Cross Buns at Ravens Bakery, Brighton

Heartening to see (and join) the queue for Hot Cross buns this Good Friday morning in at Ravens Bakery, Fiveways, Brighton. So many craft bakers have given up, but Donald Raven’s bakery continues to offer a range of good quality and expertly baked, no-nonsense British bakery products. His “signature” brown loaf is a sunflower seed tin loaf, made with a tasty and high gluten flour. Joining the Good Friday bakery queue is an opportunity for talking with neighbours and finding out about the area, to step back from the one-stop shopping mentality lure of the supermarkets. The Hot Cross buns were – as usual – well worth waiting for and delicious either straight from the bag whilst walking home (see the guy with dog in my photo) or on a warmed plate for breakfast.