Super Sunday by Race Horse Company at Brighton Dome

Parkour, acrobatics, plyometrics, clownery and some very modern on-stage attitude combined in Super Sunday by Race Horse Company of Finland. Six athletic artistes and their crew won over a mixed Christmas audience with their Contemporary Circus skills and dark wit in this full-length performance at Brighton Dome. Many of the tricks which looked so simple were probably the most difficult to carry off because of the critical timing co-ordination and delicate balance. We saw the human catapults, the life-size teddy bear rocketed to the roof and the acrobatics on teeterboards and trampolines. Their iconic hamster wheel routine, which ended the show, was a triumph from another dimension, the performers working acrobatics within the moving reference and balance of the revolving wheels.

It was the children in the audience who followed the jumps most closely, encouraging with ooohs and aaahs and rewarding fast with the applause of relatively tiny hands. This was maybe the first experience of a live theatre for some of these. “Don’t try this at home kids”, but many of them seemed so enthusiastic they probably already go to a parkour club and/or are doing freerunning tricks and stunts around the street and staircases of Brighton.

Show music by Sami Tammela and Ben Rogers.

NB  Just the one photo, made with extreme care not to distract anyone