Greta Gorge footpath

Dramatic light on a day of sunshine and showers in the Lake District.

Gorge of the River Greta, The Lake District

Greta Gorge trees and field

River Greta

Keswick garden

Keswick sunset

Hike along the gorge of the river Greta from Threlkeld to Keswick. The alternative path, the only route following the 2015 storms, has its own charm as it leads the hiker along the sides of the gorge. It’s a bit like a smaller scale Routeburn or Caples track but without the inconvenience of finding Hobbits or a film unit on the path. Actually I encountered just a few enthusiastic spaniels and labradors taking their owners for a w-a-l-k.
My panoramic image is a stitched set, which gives a different perspective compared to a single view from a wide-angle lens, as explained at last week’s talk to the RPS Landscape group by Wayne Brittle.