Oxafoss waterfall, Þingvallavegur National Park, Iceland
Þingvallavegur National Park, Iceland

So this is Iceland... 64 degrees North. Sunset not until 2337 and then sunrise 0253. The land of volcanoes, hot springs, waterfalls and fissures. Not quite the land of the midnight sun but nearly so. To the geologists - and this is their paradise - Þingvallavegur (say Thingvellir) is the rift valley between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates so the ground is particularly unstable but also spectacular. Iceland Met Office publishes an earthquake forecast, in addition to the usual rain and wind forecasts. Good to see no earthquakes exceeding 2.0 (Richter) expected....
Þingvallavegur is important in the history the Icelandic nation state. The national assembly was held here from about 1000 AD onwards and the tombs of some of the national heroes are in the peaceful area amongst the small lakes. It’s a major tourist attraction, a must-see for all of us tourists.
Photographically this topography is a challenge. Huge horizontal landscapes, think Wyoming with 30km or more between settlements (“towns”); I passed a sign saying the no fuel for the next 205km... Lots of black basalt yesterday but here I am in the land of lakes. Weather showery yesterday and grey today. That’ll do but some sunshine always helps the photographer.