Hiking from Monaco to Menton

Leaving behind the skyscrapers of Monaco and the tiered luxury residences surveying the Baie de Roquebrune (including the famed “Cabanon” of the architect known as “Le Corbusier”) the coast path leads round the cliffs of Mount Gros (686 m.) and over rocks between the back garden gates of the Belle Epoque residences of Roquebrune and the sea-battered limestone below of the coastal rocks.
Pine trees, cacti and flowers cling naturally to the crevices in the bare rock without the concrete that retains the residences higher up.
It’s not far walking round to Menton from Monaco but a relief from the conspicuous expenditure of much of the French Riviera.
There’s a Roman tomb (dating from the 1st century BC) at Lumone on Cap Martin, the Roman way station at the junction of the Via Aurelia and the Via Julia Augusta.