Photos of my hiking aroud Haweswater and up to High Street, Cumbria 

Here's my postcard from Thursday's hiking. One of these is a sheep! That was an exceptional day both for the weather and also it is many years since I have hiked 750m up (and down) over 8 hours. That's what happens if you train in the Alps (last week) and then try the Lakes.

On the picture bottom right, I hiked up the valley on the left, around the ridge  to the peak High Street, 828m, which is on a Roman road, though not much trace now remains of the Romans, and scrambled down the ridge on the right, Riggindale.

I hiked Haweswater, Gatescarf Pass (666m), Mardale Ill Bell (750m) and High Street (828m).

And not forgetting my physio exercises for my triceps. Some gym views are better than other though I need to progress from a 1l water bottle to a heavier weight! And not my best form.