Bucatan / Ibex above the Grand St Bernard pass

Old Man of the herd of Bucatan looking me over hiking up from the Col du Grand St. Bernard (2473 m.) between Switzerland and Italy. It would be hard to think of a more perfect day for hiking in the Alps: morning mist cleared, clear sky and just enough wind to stay cool and to keep flies away. Then meeting a herd of these animals grazing above the Hospice at the Col du Grand St. Bernard. The young adults were rattling antlers in anticipation of the mating season, the Old Man of the herd keeping watch. We hiked on to 2850 m. for a panoramic view including more than a dozen glaciers of the Mt. Blanc.massif, as well as on the flanks of the Grand Combin (4314 m.) nearby and a number of other peaks above 4000 m.

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