My photo postcard of our hikes in the vallée de la Gordolasque and vallée de la Vésubie in the Alpes Maritimes

Clear air, blue skies and autumn colours for our hikes on the granite of the vallée de la Gordolasque and the Vallon de lSalèse, all at the high end of the vallée de la Vésubie in the Mercantour national park in the Alpes Maritimes, the range of mountains forming the border with Italy for a few dozen kilometres up inland from the coast at Nice.Territory that used to be Savoy/Nice, not France or Italy.

One of the best waterfall systems you could hope to visit and some magnificent cirques, gauged by the glacier of the most recent Ice Age. A treat to enjoy the family cooking at a small restaurant in St. Martin Vésubie, underground in a cellar with a balcony looking out over the valley. I think Mother cooking and daughter doing the tables. But an indifferent family hotel, very two star and nothing more, but the wifi works!