Jonathan Armour and Robert Taylor at Fugita in the Brompton Cemetery Chapel

Jonathan Armour and Robert Taylor presenting Fugita, their collaboration resulting in a series of large works on paper exploring the complex dynamic of living in a mature yearning body.

Fugita at the Brompton Cemetery Chapel

Fugita is the exhibition of the work of Jonathan Armour’s and Robert Taylor’s collaboration; these life-sized images of a “mature yearning body” are presented on large sheets of art paper hung around the pillars of the chapel of Brompton Cemetery.
Jon’s practice has often included images made by applying pigments to the body of his model, then transferring this to the media in various ways. His sessions with Robert sound to have been messy fun and this energy comes through in the images. The collaboration must have been a particular fun for Robert, an accomplished portrait photographer, to make such effective images without the apparatus of professional photography.

The colours chosen could have been pigments extracted from the earth, the playful energy suggests primitive dance as depicted in Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring”, whilst the visual effect of these earthy images reminds me of the Turin Shroud, an image sometimes attributed to Leonardo da Vinci.
I think we have to assume that “mature” is, in this case, a euphemism for older, the opposite of “youthful” whilst the yearning is for the vigour of youth; thus the exhibition location in the neoclassical chapel is not only attractive but is a wonderfully apt placing of the images as, in the architectural plan of the cemetery, the chapel represents life on earth whilst the lofty dome suggests heaven.

Fugita continues at the Brompton Cemetery Chapel until 20th July. Nearest tube West Brompton.