A memorable but very technical motorbike ride checking out the Col de Turini and the Col de Braus in advance of the GLME Camp d'Ascension 2015.

Col de Turini (1604 m.) and Col de Braus (1002 m.)

Three of us checking out one of AMA’s routes for the GLME Camp d'Ascension 2015 with tour leaders Arno (Suzuki GSR 750) from Annecy and Simon (BMW K1300) from Aix-en-Provence.

Technical riding in challenging roads... remembering the mantra “the brakes are for braking and the accelerator is for speeding up", ie ride in to the hairpins and corners on the brakes and out on the gas and don’t change gear when the bike is canted over.
The Alpes Maritimes are inland from Nice; the Col de Turini route is usually part of the Monte Carlo rally and has also featured in movies  like the Bond movie “GoldenEye” and BBC television’s motor-sport series “Top Gear”.