Larking at the Timmelsjoch summit

biker breakfast at a farm on the Hahntennjoch

dawn on the Hahntennjoch

Breakfast high up on the Hahntennjoch, the hills alive to the sound of 210 gay bikers enjoying breakfast in leathers at altitude. The hotel really put themselves out to make this, to me, the most memorable and distinctive event in this GLME Summercamp so far.
Then on to ride up the Ötztal valley to ride the Timmelsjoch Hochalpenstrasse. 4°C at the 2500 m. Not much wildlife, it's a big rocky velley with no sign of marmottes. I met a couple of guys riding mopeds who are really in to the gear, mohawks on their crash helmets etc, and we made some photos of each other. On to share a good coffee down on the Italian side. Unfortunately I lost my prescription ear-plugs so it’s back to one day ear-plugs until I can get replacement back in London. Despite that, it really doesn’t get much better than this. The best of times is now... so make this moment last...