With a CBR600RR in Funchal, Madeira

Two CBR600RR in Funchal-Lido, Madeira

Three CBR600RR in Funchal - my biggest smile of the holiday is in front of a bike just like my own CBR600RR

On a mini-quad bike, Madeira

Rolls-Royce Phantom V, Madeira

Several modes of transport

Mountain bike, Maideira

Fiat 500, Encumeada, Madeira

Fiat 500 at a 32% hill, Calheta, Madeira

At least three bikes on Madeira like mine, CBR600RR. I haven’t seen any of the riders but I’m guessing this light and powerful bike can be a lot of fun on the big long hills of the VR1, the Via Rapido (urban motorway) around Funchal. Pretty useful too on the steep and scary mountain roads of Madeira, if you dare.
Other means of transport are available... hired Fiat 500, mountain bike, mini quad bike or Rolls-Royce Phantom V... but a CBR600RR gets my biggest smile every time!
My own RR is now authorised for repairs: My RR in the workshop