This last weekend in May was a frustrating weekend as the weather wasn't good enough for bike riding in the high Alps as we had planned, some of the passes in the high Alps aren't open even yet.

Marseille continues to entice and infuriate in equal measure. My motorbike let me down out on the Col de l'Espigoulier, one of the hills surrounding Marseille, happily I was able to bump start it and return home and it was only the battery which needed replacing. But relatively out on limb and also in a still foreign country, these things are much more difficult.

All fixed by the end of Saturday and although I was too knackered to go out with my friends as planned (we'd already had a late night on Friday) I was able to enjoy the Eurovision song content from the comfort of my own place with my own stuff around me and some nice wine and food that I made myself at home. In this case, the sound of many other televisions echoing around the inner courtyard added to the atmosphere: the slogan of the show was "Share the moment".