Ninja Z250SL with snow on Blencathra
Snow on Blencathra (868 m.)

Snow on Skiddaw
Snow on Skiddaw (931 m.)

Bike’s fine. Weather’s rubbish. I got halfway back from Penrith on the old road in a sunny interval between the April Showers. I was enjoying the views of the snow on the tops of the fells. Then the deluge of cold rain started and just +3°C once back down here in Keswick. Lots of layers helped, but even so...
I’ve been having trouble for a while with my Ninja Z250SL just conking out after running for a few minutes. Me and friends couldn’t find the problem. First thought was the battery, but no. Then it sounded like fuel starvation. Again, no. The nice people at Penrith Motorcycles found the spark-plug was cracked, changed it, did a routine service, and now all is well.
I’ve not had a cracked spark plug since my 2-stroke KH250 triple in the 1970s, that used to get through them at pretty much one a month. But something that hasn’t changed in 40+ years of motorbiking is that gear sold as “waterproof” isn’t. At least current kit dries quickly and is safer.
A couple of hours later, the showers had cleared leaving the tops of the fells pretty with the fresh snow and Keswick looking as lovely as ever.

Ninja Z250SL with snow on Blencathra

Penrith Motorcycles

On the X5 bus
On the X5 bus to Penrith

after the April snow shower
Keswick and Skiddaw, after the April snow shower