My winter biker ride to the Col d'Ayen and the Grand Canyon of the Verdon in Provence

Blue bike rather than red bike because the blue SV is a loan bike whilst my RR was being serviced in Peyrolles-en-Provence. Good for a wintry ride up to the Col d'Ayen (1031 m.) through just part of the Grand Canyon of the Verdon, early enough in the day to see some goats and also deer. Snow in the gullies and ravines. A warming Blanquette de Lapin aux girolles at a Lou in La-Palud-sur-Verdon. Back down the corners of the road twisting down the side of the canyon to the Lac de Sainte-Croix.

The twin cylinder SV was an interesting change from my four cylinder RR. Both bikes are favourites for track racing but require quite different riding styles: I've always wondered what one would be like to ride. The SV is longer and this one oversteers compared to my RR, as a twin it's not so necessary to change down at every corner but also the power stops increasing at relatively low revs, my RR just keeps on going as one winds up the revs, this SV starts to hammer. So the SV had me concentrating on my line less than my gear control; once I had swapped keys, I happily enjoyed the refined ride of my RR, even better thanks to several hours attention from the hand of the mechanic.