Postcard from clock change weekend in Provence

Here's my postcard from riding in Provence on clear dry roads yesterday and today; afternoon temperatures up to 20°C and the sun now has some strength in it. This has been clock change weekend in France just as in the UK. Also springtime so time to take my RR bike in for its service at Moto Peyrolles and then enjoy the roads around the lower Verdon river in the départments of Bouches du Rhone (13), Alpes de Haute Provence (04) and the Var (83).

I rather like this postcard as it works on many levels: contrasts between textures of the wrought iron and the trees, the church overseeing the secular and business activities of the market place - isn't it nice that you can see there's a heart at the centre of the cross...

The no parking symbols looking similar to putting on the hour on the clocks but also indicative of the "keep out" nature of the countryside.

Plus the sequential frame travelogue story of my Saturday out motorbiking with my great friend Pascal, who first got me hooked on motorbiking in Provence. We met up at the bike shop in stone coloured Peyrolles, then had lunch outdoors under the chestnut trees in Greoux and a coffee at Quinson.

Also the dual character of Provence as the land of mountains and gorges between the Alps and the Mediterranean

Shame the weather got the story wrong: Saturday (on winter time) was brilliant and fine and Sunday (on summer time) is grey and threatening rain! But the rain over Mont Sainte Baume will be good for the old vines.