Coffee stop at the Circuit du Castellet near Toulon and Marseille

Fine day’s riding but a bit more of an adventure than I had hoped for. The bike’s battery, that was new in August 2014, let me down despite being charged the previous day. Had to be recovered.

Good side is that the bike shop who keep me running has been taken over. Not a surprise and that was one reason for intending to pass by the place in Peyrolles but meeting them first in a recovery situation wasn’t in my plan! The new guys are race bikers not town riders or trail bikers; they look to be setting up a track bike hire and training business.

So I made my itinerary pass by the Circuit du Castellet for a quick coffee and to check out things. It’s also known as the Circuit Paul Ricard as it was founded by the drinks magnate of Pastis Ricard fame. The track is suddenly being bike friendly again, including hosting the Bol d’Or in September, the 24-hour race: those riders must be really mad...

Blue skies, low wind and air temperature 18°C.