My photos of a great day motorbiking in the Alpilles and Camargue near Marseille, Provence

Back in Marseille after quite the best day’s motorbike riding I’ve had for eighteen months. Nice to enjoy the ride rather than be doing it as rehab. Clear roads, warm hazy sunshine, not a lot of wind and no rain. 195 km for the day and less than half a tank of petrol so it was a moderate day’s riding.

I started very cautiously, my previous rides this year have been very much rehab and try-outs, not entertainment or play. That said, I was in good condition at my first pause, just outside the Marseille urban area. It was reassuring that nothing physical was complaining. I ventured off the big roads for some “real” riding though initially I was riding very much in the car driving style. Apexes started to present themselves and I found them and did the necessary. Then some “point and shoot” when some long straights presented themselves.

I deliberately made a number of stops, for rider rest as well as for photos. I was getting tired by the time I got to rock fortress established by the Knights Templier in the XIth century now known as Les Baux de Provence. Not tricep as I had perhaps feared, the weaknesses were clutch grip and throttle wrist as much as anything. Also concentration, which is critically important on a bike.

I indulged in some hanging-off on some of the roundabouts and approach roads after the straight lines of the Camargue on the way back from Les Baux. The burnt slider in the photo is from a while ago. “Indulged” because it is far from required on my RR at the cautious speeds I was doing. Anyhow, no problem and fun to steer the bike by pointing my knee - it goes half-way to where the knee points.

So ending my biking year with a real milestone passed and ready for 2015. Thanks to all my biking mates for their support and encouragment.