Rowing in my home gym - in the sports zone

I rediscovered my rowing ergometer in the last lockdown (ie November 2020). I’ve not been using it for some while and it’s just been gathering dust. It turns out that after my mildly obsessive work in my home gym during the previous lockdowns that I’m now strong enough to use the rower again.
There are of course niggles and strains to work around. But getting the kit on and selecting “just row” on the monitor gets me into the sports zone very nicely, concentrating on my stroke style and counting mindlessly.
I bought it in the 1980s for exactly that, now in this period of lockdown it’s great that I can again use it to lose myself in the sport and exertion. These days I’m being careful not to go all-out, though a short sprint finish is always fun and leaves the body xinging nicely.

But rowing wasn’t my university or school sport, it was Cross-country running where I won my colours. Our various Running Eights won bits of tin for our efforts in the mud around Clifton and the West of England.

Classic burning and dodging didn’t make the most of this shot so rather more use of layers than is usual for me.