White van man John

I’m basically a Two wheels Good - Four wheels Bad person but this weekend has been an exception, renting a white van was an exigent to bring back my share of the family heirlooms from my Mother’s bungalow in Gloucestershire. That was a Toyota Proace 1.6l, 6-speed panel white van, an interesting experience to drive: the ride is higher so the view is good. Pedals a bit heavy (would be fine wearing boots) and the steering a bit vague compared to a small car. The hand-brake is on the opposite hand to the gear stick and there’s no rear-view mirror in the centre of the windscreen. Flashy females driving posh 4WD Chelsea Tractors give way meekly and it really does turn out that white vans are nice to each other, making space and generally being polite on the road. Food for thought; a van like that would transport a sports motorbike, for example to a summercamp, and it wasn't so awful to drive and park either.