Christmas 2019

Christmas Card 2019 -  click on the pictures for the full story and a larger version of the photo

I've been lucky enough to enjoy a lot of travel again in 2019: Madeira, Marseille, Menton and many trips to Provence and the Alps. Not forgetting celebrating my Umpteenth Birthday with a bottle of Prosecco on the Coast Path near St. Ives, Cornwall.

Corsica was a new place with, for me, a new way of exploring. I hired an adventure bike that I took on to gravel tracks; this worked pretty well inland on the craggy granite as well as touring the spectacular west coast road.

My motorbike crash at a junction on the A7 autoroute just outside Marseille ruined Terry's and my hiking holiday in September, so unfortunately we only got to enjoy the Tuscan mountains and Italian cuisine the once in 2019.

I've recovered quickly this time; I even hiked to the summit of Helvellyn (950 m.)  at the end of November, a good day’s hike at any time.

I've been checking out various cars for the time when motorcycling is no longer an option. I hired a blue Mustang for a day out in the Cotswolds, and a little Aygo in Cornwall and also the cute Fiat 500 but the Clios we have been hiring from Marseille seem for me the best compromise between comfort and making good progress.

Wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Heathy 2020 to all my Friends and Followers.