My BBC memorabilia

Memorabilia from that part of my career which was in BBC broadcasting. Letters inviting me to jobs, passes, a t-shirt and mugs. The paper mug and pencil come from my time at BBC Radio Bristol as a Vacation Trainee (1976); the Proms passes are when I was no longer BBC Staff, many years later.  As freelance as much as staff, I worked on OBs, Studios, Ceefax, Y2k and Technology.
The golden-sleeved LP as background is “50 years of broadcasting” (1972); it features 127 cuts, mostly from BBC Radio, from “Whittle Calling” (1922) to John Snagge’s narration of the funeral of Lord Reith (1971). My favourite, and why I bought the LP as a teenager, is Lieut.-Commander Tommy Woodruffe’s live OB commentary (1937) on the Royal Naval review at Spithead: “The fleet is all lit up”, which he repeats many many times until faded out. One assumes too much at the Wardroom bar. Before my time but its infamy lived on for many years.