Vin Santo 2012  - Santa Christina - Valdichiana Toscana

Vin Santos are all different; this one, from the Santa Christina brand whose estates are around Arezzo, dates from 2012 so has benefited from more than the five year minimum cellar time. Golden yellow in appearance, keeping its colour even to the glass. Terry tasted caramel, I was thinking more of Mead and honey. This Tuscan Vin Santo is not particularly sweet, and although distinctive in its own right, it is more Madeira than Sherry. Nothing like any French dessert wine. This bottle was a personal import from our trip to Tuscany earlier in 2018.

An excellent accompaniment to a celebration Cassata, pomegranate seeds, chocolate pepites, marrons glacés and pistachio pieces on layers of panettone soaked in Triple Sec and a cream made with Marsala, Mascarpone etc.