We took the Blue train to the Côte Bleu, the coast to the west of Marseille. The beaches changed from crowded semi-urban L'Estaque (where lived the impressionist painter Paul Cézanne) to the more exclusive harbours of Carry and Le Rouet, and some smaller semi-private ones between where you can still imagine the pirates.

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I had a good bike ride out to Norfolk yesterday; pleasant weather, not much pollen so nice to get to some clear roads here in the UK. 

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I've been in the Netherlands with my friend from Den Haag. We visited a hunting lodge and art museum in the forest, a classical concert in Rotterdam and yesterday a steam pump.

Cruquius Pumping station

Sunday was still fine weather in Provence, whilst the rest of France (and much of Western Europe) had that violent weather. I met with another biker from the club and we enjoyed riding around the Alpilles, pretty little mountains that bridge between Provence and the Garrigues. 

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Last Saturday was a day trip to Devon and Somerset, where my brother has a small farm and family. We used the big trains to get to Tiverton Parkway

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