Postcard from the Wye Valley. Tintern abbey & Ledbury

Postcard of a circuit around the borders between Wales and England. We drove from Ledbury down to Chepstow taking in the Forest of Dean and the rain-darkened ruins of Tintern Abbey in the Wye Valley before returning over the old Severn Bridge between Chepstow and Aust.


Dark and misty in the upper Wye Valley and the Forest of Dean with just a touch of blue sky. Ground and buildings saturated with rain. Maybe a route to repeat by motorbike later in the season when the weather is more friendly to bikers?

The ruins of the Cistercian Tintern Abbey appeared very dark the first time I printed this picture. But the picture’s evocative so it was an opportunity to experiment with varying the presentation.

In some way this postcard shows the conflict between telling the whole story (ie blogging) and being interesting...